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I have chills! :)
This is a great video, a great animation, great narration, great story, etc. FLAWLESS :)
What hit me is the story, I am an elementary teacher, and many times as a teacher I feel the same way.
Kids are amazing, they are an inspiration, every day the manage to make me think about my work as a teacher, every day they make me think about my life and the future.
The emotions I feel when I teach are indescribable, happiness, hate, anger, frustration, joy, love.
Every teacher can tell you about that kid that made you think about quitting, that kid that you could´t handle, that kid that that made you cry.
But you can´t blame the kid for the emotions you feel, you can´t blame the kid for his continuos bad actions, you can´t blame the kid for constantly making your life a living hell.

Yes, many times is because of bad parenting, bad education, bad society, the medias, bulling, bad diet... but as a teacher is your job to help the kid with his behaviour, to show the kid how to care about the classmates, the teachers, the school and the world. This video made me see more clearly how the only one to blame in a situation like this is the teacher, you have to stop a situation like this from the beginning, and not with hate but with love. Baby steps, little by little , show the kids what amazing thing is to share, show the kids how amazing is the forest and how to explore it, how to act in a dangerous situation without fear... and if you can´t handle the situation by yourself ask for help, help from other teachers, report to the parents from the beginning, ask the same kids what solutions can we find to protect the school from the man in the woods, they will surprise you!
As teachers I make a lot of mistakes and every day I learn from them.. Thank you for this video, I never stop learning!


As allways awesome!!1!

Your type of jokes, the animation flow, the gorgeous choice of music (yours or not) allways perfet.. good work.. happy late birthday and welcome back from the army hoping to see more nice stuff from you!! Respect

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Loved it but it froze at level 11 or 10.. maybe to many lives? To many pixel count? Dunno!! Besides that great game!! Maybe make the firepower better.. keep them coming!!

Creepy great!

People!! Sometimes its nice to see different points of view!
We need experimental games to change our perspective sometimes!! This is a great game, absolutely unusual but that doesn't mean its bad or that sucks!! The gameplay is tricky and also the purpose, but I am sure many people will enjoy something about it! The awesome music, the creepy scenario, the characters, etc. You can see the massive amount of work and details in here, great job Amon26! Keep them coming!


Quote: "Well, i'm screwed."
by: 1NV1NC1BLE
After being exposed to this beauty of a game, I can no longer see properly. Due to the upwards motion of the majority of the game screen, everything seems to be descending before my eyes...
Here tooo OMG!! The game is very nice.. but OMG I feel like I had shrooms!! :))

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really strange and nice!! kinda like a dream!! I loved how you divided the space and obviously your drawing technique!! keep it UP!! peace


LoL this is great!! Your rocking more and more!! Love it!!

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